picture of Iryna

Student Spotlight: Iryna Labay

What styles of yoga do you teach? I teach the Modo Yoga series. How long have you been practicing yoga? I have been practicing for about 7 years. Three words that you use to describe yoga to a brand new
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picture of todd in a yoga pose

Energy Exchange Spotlight: Todd B

How long have you been practicing yoga for? About four years. I started doing Eionn Finn videos with my wife (so much time looking between my legs at a laptop wondering “eka pada what?”). We spent a bit of time
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picture of derek pang doing warrior two pose in a forest

Love Your Brain

Did you know that 452 people suffer a serious brain injury every day in Canada? This amounts to one person injured with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every 3 minutes! Raising awareness about the importance of brain health, brain injury
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